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Economic development

Forestry is a pillar of our state’s economy, contributing $23.2 billion+ annually while providing more than 100,000 jobs and $5.5 billion in annual labor income. Compared to other leading industries in the Palmetto State, forestry ranks #1 in jobs, #2 in labor income and #3 in direct economic output.

The goal of the Forestry Commission’s Business Development Program is to enhance the contribution of South Carolina’s forest resources and forest product-related businesses to the state’s economy. We accomplish this goal by:

  1. producing current forest resource information;
  2. describing the health of the existing forest industry;
  3. promoting South Carolina forest products to global markets; and
  4. assisting as needed in the expansion of forest product manufacturing.

The Economic Development Group has three staff positions that work as a team, including a forest resource analyst, a forest products marketing specialist, and an economic development specialist.  Customized assistance is available in market analysis, resource analysis, and industry expansion.

SC’s forest industry

South Carolina’s forest industry contributes $23.2 billion to the state’s economy and it is ranked #1 in jobs, #2 in labor income and #3 in direct economic output. To support the industry, the Resource Development Division maintains a directory of all primary and secondary forest product mills in the state. These mill data are available in either a spreadsheet format or as an interactive map on Google Earth. Approximately 89 primary and 800 secondary forest product mills in South Carolina are included in the directories.

Forest products mill directory and maps
We maintains directories of all primary and secondary forest product mills in South Carolina. The Forest Products Mill Directory and Maps show detailed lists and locations for all wood and paper-related manufacturing operations in the state.
*Primary mills, such as sawmills, plywood plants or paper mills convert logs into commodity forest products such as lumber, panels and paper. Secondary plants produce value-added forest products like furniture, trusses and prefabricated structures.

SC’s forest resource

There is more standing timber volume in the state of South Carolina than ever recorded in our Forest Inventory & Analysis Program. SC’s forestland base is stable at 12.9 million acres and it is evenly split between softwood and hardwood forests. Forestland ownership is predominantly private with only 13% of the forest under public management. South Carolina’s forest are maturing with the dominant age class for southern yellow pine being in the 31-40 age class.  At current utilization rates, the state’s timberlands are growing 38% more wood than is harvested annually. 

For an overview of South Carolina’s forest resource download “South Carolina Forests” (pictured above right).  For more detailed information, go to the Forest Inventory & Analysis section on this web site.

Timber Supply Analysis
We invite you to use the Timber Supply Analysis Tool for a customized woodbasket analysis.Contact SCFC Resource Development Director Tim Adams or SCFC Resource Analyst Scott Danskin for assistance.

The economic importance of forestry in South Carolina

Trees create value for landowners, specifically, and for society, in general, through timber products like lumber, non-timber products like pine straw, and ecosystem services such as pure drinking water, wildlife habitat, and an improved quality of life.  The Forestry Commission’s most recent evaluation of the contribution that forestry makes to South Carolina’s economy is published in the report “The Wave of Wood.”  The total contribution of forestry to the state’s economy was $23.2 billion in 2020.  Six aggregate sectors were analyzed separately in order to quantify their individual contribution:  Pulp and paper, solid wood products, forest-based recreation, wood furniture, timber and logging.

Recent announcements

March 2024TimberLabGreenvilleMass timber engineering and glulam fabrication facilityTBD30
December 2023Carolina Structural SystemsAndersonStructural wood component systems manufacturing is expanding a 30,000-square-foot facility$4.7 million60
November 2023Smurfit KappaAndersonProvides paper-based packaging solutions.  This is the company’s first South Carolina operation.$68 million200
November 2023Carpenters Woodworks and RestorationCharlestonExpanding operations by moving to a 16,000 square foot facility.  Architectural millworks company focuses on remodeling projects while making custom cabinets and heirloom furniture.$1.54 million20
October 2023West FraserNewberryExpansion of southern yellow pine sawmill to purchase land, modernize equipment and increase productivity.$17.7 million30
March 2023Carter LumberFlorencePlans include renovating a 120,000-square-foot facility in Florence County to manufacture roof and floor trusses along with hanging interior door units. This location will also serve as a millwork warehouse for stock mouldings, and the products from the Florence County facility will be delivered to residential, commercial and multi-family job sites.$26 million80
March 2023Summit Paper Tube, Inc.WilliamsburgManufacturer of spiral wound paper tubes used for paper, nonwoven fabric, shipping and cable reels.$1.68 million19
December 2022Essential Cabinetry GroupGreenvilleExpansion of its manufacturing facility in Simpsonville to increase production to 150,000 cabinets annually$4.75 million156
December 2022Boise CascadeColletonA new lumber distribution facility whose location will give the company direct access to the Palmetto Railways Salkehatchie Subdivision rail line, connecting Boise Cascade to the national freight rail network.$9 million30
August 2022Impact Housing GroupOconeeA modular home assembly plant will be established in Westminster to produce affordable housing in an off-site, controlled environment.$30 million215
August 2022Georgia-PacificClarendonAddition of a third strander to increase OSB production capacity.$40 million
August 2022GreifGreenvilleFacility expansion to recycle paperboard in the production of spiral tubes and cores.$13 million
June 2022Canfor Southern PineHamptonAdvanced technology and equipment upgrades to sawmill$25 million
May 2022BID GroupDorchesterAddition of CNC milling capabilities and warehouse expansion$10.6 million25
March 2022Koch & CompanyBarnwellA door and cabinet manufacturer.  Wood pellets made from wood waste$5.1 million101
February 2022Georgia-PacificClarendonAddition of 3rd strander to increase OSB production by 150 million square feet$20 million0
December 2021Innovative Construction GroupFlorenceOffsite construction company for single and multi-family wood framed homes$35.6 million179
October 2021West FraserAllendaleBought shuttered GP OSB mill with plans to upgrade equipment and restart by mid-2022$350 million135
September 2021SC Oak to BarrelBambergOak barrel manufacturing for whiskey & wine industries$6.8 million122
September 2021Impresa Building SystemsGreenwoodModular home builder$9 million180
August 2021Top Edge ComponentsAndersonFloor and roof truss manufacturing$2.9 million25
August 2021Interfor Corp.DorchesterExpansion of existing pine sawmill$30 millionn/a
August 2021BID GroupDorchesterAddition of sawmill part manufacturing capacity$2.5 millionn/a

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Other services and resources we provide

  • Wood Product business location or expansion assistance.
  • International Trade information and assistance.
  • Forest Inventory Analysis Reports, statewide and customized.
  • Timber Products Output Reports.
  • Sources of supply.


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For more information on forest and wood product development, please contact SCFC Resource Development Director Tim Adams at tadams@scfc.gov or (803) 896-8802.