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Mill directories and maps

Forest products mill directories for South Carolina

The South Carolina Forest Products Mill Directory includes all primary and secondary mills in the state.  Primary forest products mills purchase roundwood or in-woods chips and manufacture a lumber, paper or energy-related product.  Secondary forest product businesses purchase a primary product and manufacture a value-added product like trusses, packaging or furniture.
The forest products mill directories listed below are in Microsoft Excel format; you will need the Microsoft Excel Plug-in if you do not already have Excel loaded on your computer.

Mill directories

The Forest Products Directories are also available as Google Earth-compatible files (.kmz files) to view on the Google Earth mapping service.  Get the Google Earth plug-in now.  Your browser will likely ask for permission before installing the plug-in, so be sure to click through to allow installation.  Once the plug-in is installed, you may need to refresh the page before the plugin displays correctly.

SC forest products maps

Portable sawmills

Our portable sawmill network provides the people of South Carolina an opportunity to source their wood locally. Give them a call for your next project!


Google Earth is a popular online mapping program that is free to download as a desktop application, although you need to be connected to the Internet to use it. Follow the link above to visit the Google Earth website to download it. Once you install Google Earth, you will be able to launch it and view the SC Forest Products Directory. Google Earth is basically a 3D model of the entire planet that lets you grab, spin and zoom down into any place on Earth.
On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the search, layers, and places. Use search to look up a specific address and Google Earth will “fly” you there.  You can view a location with certain “layers” turned on, including topographical information, roads and places of interest for the area. The layers and all of the map navigation buttons, including zoom, tilt and rotate, are all located in the Google Earth frame on the right.
Use the center scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom in and out on Google Earth. The left mouse button is the hand tool which allows you to reposition the map. The right mouse button also zooms. Double left clicking slowly zooms in and double right clicking slowly zooms out.

Steps to use the SC Forest Products Mill application:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Google Earth
  2. Download the SC Forest Product Mills.kmz file above (make sure to save it as a .kmz file and not a .zip file)
  3. Double click on the downloaded .kmz file and Google Earth should open (if not open Google Earth and click File-Open and find the .kmz file on your hard drive, select it and open)
  4. Make sure the new SC Forest Products Mill Directory is checked. Click on the “+” sign to the left of the SC Forest Product Mills file to view the various types of mills
  5. Select and de-select mills by clicking within the square beside the mill name.  Remember that you can zoom in with your center scroll wheel for a closer view of individual mills.  Click on mill icons for mill information.  Before closing Google Earth, remember to save SC Forest Product Mills to “My Places.”  

When using links within this file, we recommend following these simple steps to set your Google Earth application to open links in an external browser.

  • On a Mac: Google Earth > Preferences > General
  • On a PC: Google Earth > Tools > Options.
    • Look in the Display section on a PC, which will be under the General tab.
  • Select the check box that says ““show web results in external browser.” All web content from within Google Earth will now open in your default external browser.