Taylor Nursery

For the 2024 growing season, there are no plans for seedlings to be grown at the SC Forestry Commission’s Taylor Nursery in Edgefield County. The SC Forestry Commission is currently evaluating the Arborgen proposed contract amendment concerning future operations at Taylor Nursery and the future of the seedling production and sales program. There are three in-state private tree seedling nurseries that may be able to supply seedlings to SC landowners. These private nurseries are listed below.

  • ArborGen – Blenheim Nursery – Kylie Burdette, Phone (864) 650-4454, Email – kmburde@arborgen.com
  • IFCO – Windsor Nursery – Andrew Stewart (336) 613-7654, Email – astewart@ifcoseedlings.com
  • Weyerhaeuser – Quail Ridge Nursery – Dale Fisher, Phone (252) 633-7165, Email – Richard.fisher@wy.com

Planting information

Tree Planting Guidelines For Reforestation

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Shortleaf Pine Conference

Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) is one of the major southern pine species. Its forests and associated habitats contain extraordinary cultural, ecological and economic value by providing recreational opportunities, enhanced water quality, wildlife habitat, and high-value wood products. Despite these values, shortleaf pine has significantly declined across much of its native range.
To that end, the South Carolina Forestry Commission hosted a Shortleaf Pine Conference Nov. 16, 2023 at the agency’s Piedmont Forestry Center, including a field trip to Poe Creek State Forest in hopes of increasing awareness about the importance of this species.
Download the agenda here.