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Wood Magic Forest Fair

The SC forestry community’s signature educational event

Kids enjoy Wood Magic
Wood Magic is jointly sponsored by the Forestry Association of South Carolina, the USDA Forest Service and the SC Forestry Commission. The goal of the program is to teach kids how important forests and forest products are in their everyday lives.

Now in its 24th year, the Wood Magic Forest Fair is a free, fun, forestry-fact-filled field trip and festival for fourth-graders. A day program of forestry-related educational experiences and demonstrations, the fair combines hands-on activities with visually engaging presentations to teach children about the importance of forest lands to wildlife, the economy and our daily quality of life.

The fair isn’t just a walk in the woods; it’s a learning experience. South Carolina’s Wood Magic Forest Fair is a comprehensive environmental education program correlated to state curriculum standards in science and language arts. More than 41,000 students from every corner of the state have participated in the program since its inception in 1999, the overwhelming majority of whom demonstrate a significant gain in knowledge about forests after attending. Post-tests reveal an average of 49 percent improvement in students’ understanding of the material presented at the fair.
The key takeaway from Wood Magic is that through sustainable management, we can enjoy the many benefits of a growing forest and can also harvest trees for the thousands of useful products that improve our quality of life.

Apply for the 2024 Wood Magic Forest Fair

2024 Wood Magic Schedule

Piedmont Forestry Center, (Tamassee)—October 1-4, 2024
• Harbison State Forest, (Columbia)—October 28- November 1, 2024
• Lynches River County Park (Florence)—November 20-22, 2024

How to apply for the 2024 Wood Magic Forest Fair

Complete the application form before emailing, faxing or mailing to SCFC Environmental Education Coordinator Matt Schnabel at mschnabel@scfc.gov or the address below:
Matt Schnabel
Wood Magic Forest Fair
Harbison State Forest
PO Box 21707
Columbia, SC 29221

Fax: (803) 896-8896

Wood Magic Forest Fair Virtual Program

Wood Magic Forest Fair offers a virtual option for schools who can’t attend the program in-person. Students will still be able to watch a sawmill cut a log into boards, explore how paper is made, examine a web of life, and learn about the benefits of fire in an ecosystem… All in the classroom! Teachers will receive an educational packet full of activities and resources to lead lessons around the sustainable management of forest resources and the role of forests and forest products in our daily lives.

WMFF Virtual Program Resources

To learn more about the program, view the 2023 SC Wood Magic Annual Report.

What students will learn…

Wood Magic fun

Upon completion of the WMFF program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an awareness that our society depends on forests for many products we use every day and that these products improve our quality of life.
  2. Explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable natural resources and apply the reduce-reuse-recycle principles of conservation.
  3. Recognize that many different management techniques are required to insure long-term sustainability of our forests.
  4. Describe the many environmental, social, and economic benefits of our forests.

More Wood Magic resources for teachers and volunteers

Visit the Wood Magic resources for teachers and volunteers pages below for videos of each learning station, lesson plans and previous annual reports.


Wood Magic is jointly sponsored by:

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Funds for the 2023 Wood Magic Forest Fair were provided through grants and contributions from the following organizations:
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