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Additional skills & knowledge (ASK) training

Below are the APPROVED agendas that qualify for A.S.K. hours. 

The tractor operators need at least 5 hours per year.  FMOs need 10 hours, and foresters need 10 ASK hours on top of their 10 CFE hours. FMOs are responsible for tracking hours for their personnel.  

2023A.S.K. Hours
Prescribed Burning Techniques and Lessons Learned1
Herbaceous forest vegetation management1
Invasive Grasses of the Southeast1
Invasive Species in Southern Forests: Problems and Solutions1
Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) and Ips Bark Beetles1
Wildland Fires & Deficit Farm Soil Organic Matter (OM)1
2022A.S.K. Hours
Fire-Adapted Cities1
Longleaf Topics: Fire & Wildlife1.5
Potential Impacts Of Prescribed Fire Smoke1
Invasive Grasses Of The Southeast1
COVID-19 Impacts On Southeast Prescribed Fire & Strategies For Keeping Fire On The Ground1.5
Legal Liability For Prescribed Fire In The Southeast1
Invasive Plant Best Management Practices1
2021A.S.K. Hours
2020 SC Prescribed Fire Council Meeting (word)
Agenda (word)
Air Quality 101 – Essential Concepts and Tools for Prescribed Burners (word)1.5
Firefighter Safety in the WUI and LCES (word)
Agenda (word)
Growing Season Prescribed Fires and Ground-Nesting Birds (word)1
The How, What and Where of Safety Zones (word)1.5
Overview of Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA) Process (word)1
Prescribed Burning 101 (word)1
Prescribed Fire In Piedmont Hardwoods (word)
Agenda (word)
Description of AgendasA.S.K. Hours
Critical Fire Weather Patterns1.5
Recent Advances in Understanding Eastern US Litter Flammability1
Wildland Firefighter Heat Illness Awareness and Prevention1.5
Hazard Tree Safety1
Everyone Goes Home and Stress Preparation1
Fire Prevention Lessons Learned1
Hazard Tree and Burn Boss1