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Hiring and recruitment tools

You will receive an Eligible List of applicants for the advertised position. Below are documents to use during the interview process: 

Applicant Release Form – Because applications are sent electronically, they are not manually signed by the applicant.  The Applicant Release Form and State Employment Application should be signed by applicants during the interview process.

SFC Request for Reference Form – At a minimum, we should have a work reference on the selected candidate for the position.  Attached is the SFC Request for Reference and the reference information should be collected by telephone by the interviewer or administrative support person.

HR Recommended Questions – These are acceptable questions provided as a tool for the interview.  Circle the questions asked during the interview.  Any other work-specific questions should be documented and included in the interview package.

EEO Do’s and Don’ts – This document is self-explanatory and should be used as an interviewing resource.

Applicant Report Form – This form is to assist the interviewer in a structured, methodical approach to the interview process.  It should be used for all applicants.

After you have conducted interviews and selected a candidate for the position, forward a completed Personnel Action Form, the candidate’s State Employment Application and SFC Request for Reference form.  The questions asked during the interview with the applicant’s responses, applicant report forms, the NEOGOV eligible list (coded as above) and any other printed State Employment Applications also should be forwarded to the Human Resources Office. 

Please contact Human Resources at (803) 896-8879 if you have any questions.