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South Carolina Forestry Commission Employee Engagement Survey Results

In August 2020, the South Carolina Forestry Commission contracted with Strong Performance-Based Solutions, LLC to conduct another employee engagement survey in which everyone in the agency had an equal opportunity and voice to make themselves heard. This was the second of the agency-wide surveys, which occur every three years.

The survey featured a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions that sought to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the agency, the opportunities we might be missing, and the challenges that face us. Questions focused on everything from agency effectiveness and organizational processes to supervisor-staff relations, workplace desirability and overall job satisfaction.

As promised, participation was 100% anonymous, and the results were 100% confidential. Agency leadership was not privy to any more of the information that is being shared with all employees in the August edition of Tree Country. Most important, there was no editing or manipulation of the results or data before or after the release of the report..

The report was prepared by Strong Performance-Based Solutions, LLC and issued in one document, which you can download below. The 2018 report is also available to download at the links below if you want to compare those results with this year’s survey.


Employee Engagement Survey Results


Employee Engagement Survey Report

Employee Engagement Survey Charts

Employee Engagement Survey Quick Reference Guide

Employee Engagement Survey Report, Charts & Quick Reference Guide combined