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Get your copy(ies) of our award-winning tree identification manual!

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is proud to present to the citizens of South Carolina this updated edition of the agency’s native forest tree identification manual, originally produced in 2003.
This greatly improved guide represents a significant upgrade to its predecessor in scope and detail; in addition to replacing one-color line drawings of trees and their identifying characteristics with full-color photographs, we have added more than a dozen native species than appeared in the first edition, added a section on tree and leaf anatomy, incorporated range maps for every species and included many more anecdotal and characteristic keys to identifying South Carolina’s native trees.
While every attempt was made to use as many original photographs taken by Forestry Commission staff as possible, this edition could not have been completed without the wonderful contributions of many other foresters, forestry professors, naturalists, nursery providers, arborists and tree lovers around the country, to all of whom we are deeply indebted.

How to order

The books are $20 each if we have to mail them to you; however, if you can pick it/them up, the charge is only $15.  We can accept check or credit card.

By credit card/online:
Please visit our Tree ID Book sales page at:
Ordering online with a secure, encrypted credit card transaction is fast and easy, and we mail all book orders received during the week every Friday (except on state holidays). All major credit cards are accepted.

By mail/check:
Mail your $20 check (made out to the SC Forestry Commission) to:
Doug Wood
SC Forestry Commission
5500 Broad River Road
Columbia SC 29212

In person:
Stop by the Forestry Commission’s Columbia headquarters during normal business hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) to pay with check or credit card.