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Make the most out of your woodlands with a FREE forest stewardship plan

The Environmental Program at the South Carolina Forestry Commission, in cooperation with several partners, is working to equip priority forest landowners in South Carolina with a Stewardship Management Plan. These plans are specifically tailored to meet the goals of each landowner, optimize the potential of their forested land, and protect water quality.

Proper forest management can help maximize income potential, improve wildlife habitat, provide family recreation, protect soil and water quality, and enhance natural beauty.
With two-thirds of the state’s forestlands under private ownership, it is important that landowners take an active role in managing their forests. However, without assistance, this can be costly. This program is designed to assist private landowners who want to do the most they can for future generations: become forest stewards.

If you are interested in making the most out of your woodlands, both now and in the future, contact us to find out if you are eligible for a free Stewardship Management Plan. If your land qualifies, a private consulting forester will conduct a site visit, focusing on understanding the nuances of your property and aligning with your land management goals. They will provide you with a Stewardship Management Plan including maps and recommendations for how to best achieve your objectives.

Key Features of a Stewardship Management Plan for South Carolina Landowners:

Forest Income Maximization: Delve into strategies that include conventional timber harvesting in addition to emerging markets to optimize forest income while preserving the long-term health and productivity of your priority forested land.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement: The improvement or maintenance of habitat is one of the most important things a landowner can do to enhance wildlife populations. Elevate your stewardship practices to support biodiversity, wildlife conservation, and maximize habitat for game species. Your plan will guide you in implementing habitat improvement measures tailored to South Carolina’s unique ecosystems, fostering a thriving environment for local flora and fauna. Because wildlife and forest management are interrelated, developing an active management plan will allow you to carefully plan and target management activities to accomplish your objectives, minimize expenses, and ensure the long-term productivity of your property for wildlife while simultaneously improving your forests productivity and increasing biodiversity, aesthetic value, and recreational value.

Recreational Development: Tailor your land for recreational activities, striking a balance between conservation and enjoyment. Your plan will offer insights into sustainable recreational development, creating spaces for leisure without compromising the integrity of your forested land.

Aesthetic Utilization: Discover ways to enhance the visual appeal of your forested property, ensuring it remains a picturesque landscape while balancing human needs with the conservation and management of your forested land.

Soil and Water Quality Management: Implement practices that safeguard the quality of soil and water on your land. Your forester will provide guidance on sustainable forestry methods that mitigate erosion, protect water sources, and promote overall soil health for your forested land.

If you are interested in making the most out of your woodlands please provide your contact information by clicking the link below or contact Holly Welch at hwelch@scfc.gov or (803) 667-0815. We will help connect you to a consulting forester who will work with you to prepare a free, personalized Stewardship Management Plan for your property based on your specific goals.

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