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Seedling availability

2022-2023 planting season

Seedlings sales for the 2022-2023 planting season have come to an end. Sales will resume in June.

Bareroot SelectionsRemaining Inventory
Loblolly Pine, Coastal OP, AG-880
Loblolly Pine, Piedmont OP, AG-7570
Shortleaf Pine0
Virginia Pine, Christmas Tree Stock0
White Pine0
Cedar, Eastern Red0
Crabapple, Southern0
Oak, Cherrybark0
Oak, Gobbler0
Oak, Live0
Oak, Northern Red0
Oak, Pin0
Oak, Sawtooth0
Oak, Shumard0
Oak, Swamp Chestnut0
Oak, White0
Oak, Willow0
Plum, Chickasaw0
Walnut, Black0
Yellow Poplar0

Containerized SelectionsRemaining Inventory
Longleaf Pine, Improved0
Cypress, Leyland0
Cypress, Murray0
Cypress, Carolina Sapphire0
Cypress, Clemson Greenspire0

If ordering, please complete an Arborgen Customer Order Form and send it in. For more information, please contact ArborGen Taylor Nursery at (803) 275-3578 for additional information.