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Trees and people need each other


 TREES produce oxygen.
 TREES reduce air pollution.
 TREES cool the air temperature and reduce energy consumption by as much as 25%.
 TREES filter noise.
 TREES prevent soil erosion.
 TREES enhance property value.
 TREES support about 90,000 jobs in South Carolina.
 TREES hide unattractive views.
 TREES make our state beautiful.
 TREES contribute to the social well-being of a community.
 TREES absorb greenhouse gases.
 TREES filter dust and gas from the air.
 TREES provide homes for animals.


 PEOPLE give trees a home.
 PEOPLE water trees.
 PEOPLE fertilize trees.
 PEOPLE prune trees.
 PEOPLE plant trees.
 PEOPLE protect trees during construction.
 PEOPLE take pictures of trees.
 PEOPLE sit under trees.
 PEOPLE climb trees.
 PEOPLE eat fruit and nuts from trees.
 PEOPLE grow and care for trees.
 PEOPLE decorate trees.
 PEOPLE protect public trees in cities and towns.
 PEOPLE plant trees in parks and along roadsides.

Trees and People

TREES can’t protect themselves, PEOPLE can.

TREES can’t move for better living conditions,PEOPLE can.

TREES can’t prevent pollution, PEOPLE can.

TREES by themselves can’t move during their lifetime, PEOPLE can.

PEOPLE can’t produce oxygen, TREES can.

PEOPLE can’t filter noise, TREES can.

PEOPLE can’t cool the globe, TREES can.

Trees and People Need Each Other