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Urban Forestry Grants

Program guidelines for South Carolina
Administered by the South Carolina Forestry Commission
Funded through the US Forest Service

Grant announcement for SC Urban and Community Forestry funding for urban forest plans, maps, inventories and tools
Thanks to funding from the USDA Forest Service, the South Carolina Forestry Commission Urban and Community Forestry Program is offering funding for SC municipalities and counties to create urban forest management plans, maps, inventories, and tools. Local governments are eligible to apply for technical assistance and/or funding to increase capacity in their urban and community forestry programs. The first step in the grant application process is for municipal or county staff to complete the online community forestry self-assessment tool in the link below. As part of the South Carolina Forestry Commission 2021 Forest Action Plan, SCFC established the goal of providing technical, educational, and financial assistance in urban and community forestry planning to local governments.

SCFC grant applicant self-assessment tool

SCFC Urban and Community Forestry Funding Opportunity Announcement

SCFC U&CF 2022 Grant Webinar for Municipalities and Counties (YouTube)

Slides from Grant Webinar (pdf)

SCFC Technical Assistance Webinar Recording (YouTube)

SCFC Technical Assistance Slide Deck (pdf)

2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity for Food Forests – Coming Soon!
Grant Webinar for U&CF Planning for October 23, 2023 – Coming Soon!


2023 UCF Urban Grant Budget Worksheet (excel)

2023 Urban and Community Forestry Grant Application Form (pdf)

Progress Report (pdf)

Final Project Report Guidelines (pdf)

Request for Reimbursement (excel)

Instructions for Reimbursement Request (pdf)

Request for Reimbursement Form 2 (pdf)

Time and Effort Monthly Log (excel-legal size)

Time and Effort Uniform Guidance Requirements (pdf)

Certification Regarding Lobbying (pdf)

Legislative Contact Information Form (pdf)

FFATA Data Reporting Requirement (pdf)

Subrecipient Risk Assessment Questionnaire (pdf)

Required Contract Provisions (pdf)

Volunteer/Individual Timesheet (pdf)

W-9 (pdf)

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