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Urban forestry grants

Program guidelines for South Carolina
Administered by the South Carolina Forestry Commission
Funded through the US Forest Service

The South Carolina Forestry Commission’s (SCFC) Urban and Community Forestry Program and partner Green Infrastructure Center (GIC) are offering support to South Carolina’s cities and towns to create and implement strategies to conserve and increase urban tree cover. This year, there are three opportunities to receive assistance funded by the USDA Forest Service for your community:

Technical Assistance Community Grant

Now in its third year, the technical support program offers urban canopy mapping, modeling benefits trees provide, setting goals to expand urban canopy, budgeting tools, management plans or tree inventories.

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Grant

If your community needs full support for urban and community forestry planning, tree planting, and management, consider applying for Trees4SC: Community Forest Partnership Program. This project can help your community meet goals for healthier, cooler neighborhoods, resiliency plans, storm plans and other city needs. This includes tree planting campaigns, community engagement, training and tree care. GIC and SCFC are partnering to help reforest your communities over a several year-long program.

Food Forest Project Grant

Grants can support applicants to plan, plant and manage public land for food forests to improve food access and affordability in areas that historically struggled with food insecurity, limited greenspace or access to fresh, affordable produce. Food forests, also called forest gardens or edible forests, is a way for a community to manage forest ecosystems for human food production.

Grant Webinar for U&CF Planning Held October 23, 2023 (YouTube)

SC Grant and Tech Support Slides from Webinar (pdf)

2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity for Food Forests

Survey to Apply for Technical Assistance and Urban Forestry Support from South Carolina Forestry Commission and the Green Infrastructure Center Inc.

Survey to Apply for Technical Assistance and Urban Forestry Support – PDF

Inflation Reduction Act Flyer: TREES4SC! Project


UCF Urban Grant Budget Worksheet (excel)

Urban and Community Forestry Grant Application Form (pdf)

Progress Report (pdf)

Final Project Report Guidelines (pdf)

Request for Reimbursement (excel)

Instructions for Reimbursement Request (pdf)

Request for Reimbursement Form 2 (pdf)

Time and Effort Monthly Log (excel-legal size)

Time and Effort Uniform Guidance Requirements (pdf)

Certification Regarding Lobbying (pdf)

Legislative Contact Information Form (pdf)

FFATA Data Reporting Requirement (pdf)

Subrecipient Risk Assessment Questionnaire (pdf)

Required Contract Provisions (pdf)

Volunteer/Individual Timesheet (pdf)

W-9 (pdf)

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