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Some Common National Weather Service Abbreviations


AMT= Amount
DSI= Davis Stability Index
DUR= Duration
DZ= Drizzle
FD= Freezing Drizzle
FR= Freezing Rain
HI= Haines Index
LR= Light Rain
LS= Light Snow
POP= Probability of Precipitation
RA= Rain
RS= Rain and Snow
RW= Rain Showers
RX= Rain Heavy at Times
SN= Snow
SW= Snow Showers
SX= Snow Heavy at Times
TA= Afternoon Thunderstorms
TE= Evening Thunderstorms
TS= Thunderstorms
WX= Weather


CC= Considerable Cloudiness
CD= Decreasing Cloudiness
CG= Clearing
CR= Clear
CY= Cloudy
FA= Fair
FO= Foggy
HZ= Hazy
IC= Increasing Cloudiness
MC= Mostly Cloudy
MS= Mostly Sunny
PC= Partly Cloudy
PS= Partly Sunny
SU= Sunny
VC= Variable Cloudiness


SH= Shifting
SH= Shifting
VE= Variable Mostly East
VN= Variable Mostly North
VNE= Variable Mostly Northeast
VNW= Variable Mostly Northwest
VR= Variable (VRBL)
VS= Variable Mostly South
VSE= Variable Mostly Southeast
VSW= Variable Mostly Southwest
VW= Variable Mostly West


EX= Excellent
FA= Fair
FX= Fair, Except Poor in Rain
GD= Good
GX= Good, Except Poor in Rain
PF= Poor-Fair
PO= Poor
VP= Very Poor