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DO and DON’T Tips on Selling Your Timber

Most people only sell timber once or twice in a lifetime. If you sell, make sure that your interests are protected. Here are some suggestions:

DON’T be rushed or pressured into selling your timber.

DON’T sell without a comprehensive contract.

  • a) Should include price and payment arrangements.
  • b) Should include maximum time for cutting timber.
  • c) Should specify logger’s access to tract.
  • d) Should specify areas off-limits to loggers.
  • e) Should specify responsibility for damages.
  • f) Should include any special requirements.
  • g) Should require compliance with Forestry BMPs

DO get professional advice and assistance.

Get free advice from a Forestry Commission forester.

DO get competitive bids for your timber.

DO have property boundary lines clearly marked.

DO have sale boundary clearly delineated.

DO have someone check on the cutting operation frequently.

Remember, your interests and those of the timber buyer are necessarily different. A good timber transaction must meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller.

Price is an important factor, but it isn’t the only one. Convenience, timing, and protection of land, water, and other property values are also extremely significant.

If a deal doesn’t meet the buyer’s needs, he won’t buy. If your needs aren’t met, you shouldn’t sell.