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The companies included in our timber buyers list harvest marketable timber from large acreage (8 to 10 acres and larger).  For assistance in removing trees from residential lots, contact a local tree service company. Corrections, additions or deletions should be sent to scfc@scfc.gov. South Carolina law does not require buyers of timber to be registered. However, if a timber buyer also offers forest management advice, they must be a South Carolina registered forester or operating under the direct supervision of a South Carolina registered forester.

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This list is intended as a marketing guide for woodland owners.  While every effort has been made to include all known buyers of timber, some omissions may have occurred. Inclusion in the listing does not constitute an endorsement of any particular buyer, and omissions are unintentional.
Selling timber is a major decision that can have far-reaching effects on your forestland.  Before you sell you timber, you should review this information: Before You Sell Your Timber
Timber is considered a capital asset, and taxes apply to net gains (gross proceeds minus cost basis). These taxes are considered capital gain taxes when timber is held one year or longer. A consulting forester can help you, along with your accountant, determine your cost basis (timber basis), possibly reducing your tax burden. See TimberTax.org for more information.
To help avoid timber theft and fraud, consider the following suggestions on our Your Timber Is Valuable page.
Finally, the only way to be sure of the value of your timber is to hire a consulting forester to do a cruise of your woods to determine the number of trees you have in the various product classes. To learn more about using a consulting forester or to locate one near you, please visit our Consulting Foresters page.