Current timber price report

Stumpage prices below are the statewide averages for the products and time periods indicated. They are reported here to provide a general idea of the current prices and price trends of these products. For more detailed information on timber prices, please visit TimberMart-South.

Product type2023
1st quarter
2023 2nd quarter2023 3rd quarter2023 4th quarter2024 1st quarter1-year
Pine pulpwood$11.29$8.89$7.08$7.59$8.12-$3.17
Pine chip-n-saw$18.50$18.83$17.81$17.32$18.62+$.12
Pine sawtimber$22.46$24.38$22.91$23.26$24.15+1.69
Hardwood pulpwood$8.81$8.54$6.29$7.84$9.21+$.40
Hardwood sawtimber$21.60$23.77$21.50$22.09$23.07+$1.47