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The South Carolina Forestry Commission offers a variety of public hunting opportunities on the state lands that it manages. The locations available for public hunting on SCFC lands are enrolled in the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Management Area (WMA) program, and hunting is only allowed within the strictly delineated boundaries of each WMA.

Hunting on SC Forestry Commission-managed lands

Hunting activities on SCFC-managed WMA lands are subject to SCDNR’s extensive regulations governing its WMA program, including species, seasons, limits, methods, weapons and more. It is the responsibility of individuals hunting on WMA lands to know and follow these regulations, which can be found here: https://www.dnr.sc.gov/regulations.html
A complete list, including maps and graphics, of all South Carolina WMAs can be found on these two pages of the SCDNR website:

Below is a listing of the Forestry Commission’s state lands and the varying rules for public hunting (or not) on each.

C.E. Berry, Jr. Forestry Center at Windy Hill

No public hunting, is allowed at Berry Forestry Center. The Berry Forestry Center has an existing hunting lease in effect until 2045; these hunting rights were deeded with the donation of the property.

Harbison State Forest

No hunting of any kind, public or otherwise, is allowed on Harbison State Forest.

Manchester State Forest

Much of Manchester State Forest, along with a non-contiguous tract named Oak Lea, are included in SCDNR’s WMA program. Hunting on Manchester State Forest is allowed only in these WMAs and during a series of public lottery dog hunts (see below for more information). Maps of the hunting areas on Manchester are available at the forest headquarters.

Public lottery hunts at Manchester State Forest

Manchester State Forest also hosts public lottery dog hunts. Hunters must apply and submit an application fee to enter the lottery drawing. A random drawing to fill all slots is conducted by SCFC personnel, upon which applicants are notified of successful or unsuccessful draw. The lottery is for hunt masters only. A link to the 2024 public lottery hunt application at Manchester will be available for download later this summer.

Niederhof Forestry Center

Public hunting on Niederhof property is not allowed. The Forestry Commission does, however, host a variety of partner-sponsored hunts for children, women and military personnel each year.

Poe Creek State Forest

Public hunting at Poe Creek State Forest is allowed only in the designated WMA bounds. Opportunities for hunting deer, bears, squirrels, rabbits and turkeys abound.

Sand Hills State Forest

Most of Sand Hills State Forest is WMA property, with the exception of certain public recreation areas.

Wee Tee State Forest

Public hunting is allowed on all of Wee Tee State Forest, as the entire property is enrolled as a WMA.

Visible color clothing

WMA Regulation 7.1 – On WMA lands during any gun and muzzleloader hunting season for deer, bear and hogs, all hunters, including small game hunters, must wear either a hat, coat, or vest of solid visible international orange. Archery hunters during archery only deer seasons and hunters for dove, turkey, ducks, geese and other migratory birds (including crows) are exempt from this requirement while hunting for those species.

SC Code 50-11-365 – All users except hunters for dove, ducks, geese, and other migratory birds including crows must wear a hat, coat, or vest of solid international orange during any deer hunting season. Archery hunters during archery only deer seasons are exempt.